Aditi Choudhary

Saraswati Group of Colleges is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning. I feel terrible studying at SGC as it gives great opportunities as well as support from faculties and placement officers.

Bushra Tabassum

College has been one of the best experiences of my life! It is a place where I have made lifelong friends, learned valuable skills and knowledge, and most importantly, had an incredible amount of fun. College gave me the chance to meet people from all walks of life and learn about different cultures and perspectives. I am truly grateful for the amazing friendships that I have formed in college – it’s like having friends from all corners of the world!

Gauri Kaushal

I absolutely loved my time at SGC – the campus life was vibrant, engaging and full of activities. There were always different events and clubs to join, which kept everyone entertained and connected. The faculty members were also great mentors and helped guide me through difficult courses. All in all, SGC was an amazing experience for me!


Staying at SGC hostel is like being part of a family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is just perfect for a college student. The facilities are top-notch, the food is delicious, and I love having access to all the amenities they offer. Overall, SGC has been an amazing experience!