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Frequently Asked Questions

Information will be dispatched via mail approximately two to three weeks prior to the scheduled orientation date.

Yes, orientation is mandatory for all incoming students.

You can register for orientation through the college’s online portal or by contacting the orientation office directly.

Yes, you can typically adjust your orientation session date or make other reservation-related changes by reaching out to the orientation office in advance.

The cost of orientation varies. Please refer to the orientation materials or contact the orientation office for specific information.

The Orientation Program usually includes presentations and speeches from college administrators, faculty members, and current students.

First-year students can typically move into the residence halls a few days prior to the commencement of classes. Specific move-in dates will be provided in the orientation materials.

Some colleges may offer storage options for students’ belongings before the start of classes. Please check with the housing or orientation office for availability and procedures.

Parent/Family Orientation sessions are optional but highly recommended. They provide valuable information and resources for parents and family members to support their student’s transition to college life.

At Saraswati Group of Colleges, Mohali, a variety of activities such as sports, clubs, cultural events, and academic support services are available for students. Specific details can be obtained from the college’s website or orientation materials.

Hostel accommodations for parents during orientation may vary depending on availability and college policies. Contact the orientation or housing office to inquire about accommodations for parents during orientation.


Transcripts from your college or high school should typically be mailed directly to the admissions office at SG College, Mohali. You can find the specific mailing address on the college’s website or admissions materials. Ensure that transcripts are sent in sealed envelopes to maintain their integrity.

To mail your scholarship check, you should address it to the college’s financial aid office. You can find the appropriate mailing address for sending scholarship checks on the college’s website or financial aid documents.

Travel and Housing

Yes, a shuttle service is available between SGC Mohali and the bus stop, train station, and airport.

You will need essential personal items like clothing, toiletries, bedding, and any academic materials. Additionally, consider packing items for comfort and decoration to personalize your space.

You will typically need bedding such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and a comforter for your hostel accommodation.

Laundry facilities are usually available within or near the hostel building for students to wash their clothes.

The ownership of the building where you will reside may vary. It could be owned by the college/university or a private entity contracted by the institution.

You can transport your belongings to your dorm room using luggage, boxes, or bags. Consider using a dolly or cart for heavier items.

Move-in and move-out dates typically coincide with the beginning and end of each academic term. Specific dates will be communicated to students closer to the start and end of the semester.


Visit a local bank branch with necessary identification and proof of enrollment at SGC Mohali to open an account.

Access your Fee Statement through the college’s online student portal or request it from the Accounts Office.

You can settle outstanding fees either online through the college’s payment portal, in-person at the Accounts Office, or via bank transfer.

Check your Fee Statement for the due date of your tuition, typically outlined at the beginning of each semester.

Academic Information and Calendar

You can obtain your student ID card and UID by visiting the campus registrar’s office.

If your card goes missing, report it immediately to the campus security office for assistance in deactivating it and obtaining a replacement.

You can access your schedule through the college’s online student portal or by visiting the academic advising office.

Course curriculum and syllabus are typically provided by your professors at the beginning of each course. You can also check the college’s website or course management system for digital copies.

You can find the locations of your classes by referring to your schedule or campus maps available online or at the information desk.

Course times vary depending on your individual schedule. Refer to your schedule for specific course start times.

Course registration materials are usually available before the start of each semester. Check your college email or the registrar’s office for updates on registration dates and procedures.

Classes may begin to fill up quickly, especially popular ones, shortly before the start of each semester. It’s advisable to register as early as possible to secure your desired courses.

IT Services

Passwords for the Internet are typically provided by the IT department or available through student portals.

To access WiFi, you need to connect to the college’s network using your student credentials. Instructions are usually provided by the IT department.

Yes, students can typically access email and the Internet in their rooms if WiFi is available throughout the campus.

On-campus computer help may include IT support for technical issues, software assistance, and access to computer labs.

While not always mandatory, having a laptop is often beneficial for studying, as it allows for flexibility and convenience in accessing resources and completing assignments.

Directions to SG College Mohali can be found on the college’s website or obtained from local transportation services.

Student Support

You can get additional assistance by reaching out to the student services office at SGC Mohali or by contacting your academic advisor for support.

The process for joining clubs and organizations typically involves signing up during club fairs, contacting club leaders directly, or visiting the student affairs office for information on available clubs and how to join.


SGC Mohali has implemented various awareness programs, counseling services, and strict disciplinary measures to address and prevent bullying on campus.

The campus is equipped with security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and safety protocols to ensure a secure and safe environment for all students.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to the SGC Mohali administration or relevant departments for assistance.

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