SGC Gharuan: Nursing College, Ayurveda College, Pharmacy College

Pursuing innovation and an environment of opportunities can change your career trajectory. SGC Mohali, one of the best Engineering Colleges in India is known for its sublime approach towards transforming the life of students. Ever since its inception, SGC Mohali has embraced creativity and transformed ideas into action. For decades, the college has paved the path of opportunity for people driven by the growth mindset and filling them with curiosity, drive and vision to shape a better world.

Come pursue the challenge and experience the brilliant triumph that can change the world! The programs offered for local and international students are some of the absolute best in the region. It’s time to take your education to the next level.

Promote Engaged Learning 

Saraswati Group of Colleges, one of the best engineering colleges in India is known for letting students pursue excellence in learning and engagement to attract lucrative opportunities, helping them build a sustainable career.

By providing programmes and resources that introduce students to global perspectives, SGC is dedicating to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected world.

The eminent college provides highly qualified and experienced faculty to help students acquire knowledge and skills in their respective fields. The staff is known for bringing rich experience to the classroom while solving doubts and problems for better outcomes.

Accomplishments and Credentials

Check out the accolades that nurture a culture of excellence among students.

SGC helps students rise to soaring heights through innovation, dedication, and advanced resources

  • 500+ Research Publications Faculty
  • 50+ Research Publications Nursing Students
  • 25+ Research Publications Faculty & Student
  • 20+ Diploma Students
  • 50+ Research Publications PG Students

best Engineering Colleges in India


In the competitive world of leaders, where the journey seems challenging, SGC Mohali acts like a bridge, helping students reach their target company on the other side. According to data, the college has attracted prestigious companies for campus placements. Check out the brochure for lucrative packages offered to the students.

Campus Facilities

Explore top-notch campus facilities designed to provide a strengthening and enhanced educational experience

  1. Sports
  2. Cultural Clubs
  3. Fitness Centers
  4. 27 x 7 Campus Security
  5. E-Classrooms
  6. IT Resources
  7. 24×7 Emergency
  8. Transport
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Food Courts & Hangout Zones
  11. Student Care Center
  12. Pharmacy
  13. Libraries
  14. WiFi

Giving an international edge to your degree 

  • Higher Educational Programs
  • International Summer/Winter
  • Exchange Programs

SGC Mohali, one of the finest engineering colleges in Punjab offers a fantastic opportunity to visit foreign universities for additional study or certified programmes. Students can add another feather to their degree by fulfilling their desire for international exposure with their academic life by enrolling in short-term programmes of two to four weeks.

  • Faculty
  • Exchange Programs
  • International
  • Internships
  • With faculty exchange programmes, participants can spend a semester, a week, or a month teaching or conducting research at a university abroad.
  • Semester Abroad: Having the chance to spend your final semester overseas expands your global professional and personal network, enabling you to foster long-term relationships.


  • 25+ global partnerships with prestigious universities abroad, across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more.
  • 10+ international tie-ups
  • Global presence in 5+ countries

SGC, one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab has enhanced its vision and purpose through this plan, reflecting its continued dedication to excellence in the academic mission, citizenship, and positive change. Being one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab, SGC Mohali aims to reshape the lives of students who are the future of this world.

With collective vision, purpose, goals and strategies, the Saraswati Group of Colleges aims for the highest pedestal in the educational world. Since it believes in polishing the student abilities, it guides their decision-making and actions–inspiring goals to be on top of their educational journey.



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